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Why Does Its Manifesto Make Not Just the BJP but Everyone Else Too So Nervous?

BJP has finally released a Manifesto on the election day. The Congress party and others have questioned the delay and BJP has come with enough plausible explanations which have been ridiculed by various opponents.

As one congress leader put it, If the BJP can’t take out a Manifesto in time how are they going to manage the country’s affairs?

But  the real reason for the BJP to be so defensive and nervous about publishing its manifesto well before the start of the election instead of putting it off till the last moment is in the Manifesto itself.

Perhaps the simplest of explanation is that with the reference to Ayodhya and Article 370, the BJP Manifesto resembles the proverbial Wolf in Sheep’s clothing.

The BJP was not sure if, for the one billion voters of India, it will look anything but a dressed up version of the old wolf they have shunned twice. The party obviously didn’t want to scare them away by the inevitable media exposure, scrutiny and debate the Manifesto would have generated in the crucial weeks before the election.

All stock explanations for the last minute publishing and brushing away by its spoke persons become suspect just for the presence of those contentious issues, without which the BJP’s raison d’ĂȘtre  would have become questionable.

One incredibly funny argument put forth by the BJP for the last minute release of the Manifesto is that it wanted the voters to remember its promises on the way to the polling booth!

That gives some credence to the claim of Congress’s Abhishek  Singhvi that BJP has taken the whole country for granted. In fact the BJP can be accused not just for bending the rules of the nation but also for questioning its intelligence.

The reality is that the BJP has indeed taken an enormous risk by including those contentious issues, especially if it happened after intense and protracted debate within the party, as is being reported.

In fact the BSP leader Mayavathi has recently articulated the uneasy question lurking in the minds of a large number of Indians at least in her recent speech. Are we going to see an India akin to the one the world saw in 1947 if BJP comes to power with Narendra Modi as its Prime Minister?

It is not just Mayavathi who seems to think so. Numerous political leaders of all parties including the BJP itself and various prominent persons of India has expressed the same concern time and again, though no one seems to have declared it as a definite outcome other than the blunt leaser of the BSP itself.

No doubt, the BJP top brass is well aware of this eventuality, which they have willingly or reluctantly embraced in their quest for power. By moulding and releasing the Manifesto in its current form, they  seem to have consciously pulled out the sacks and put them out for drying hoping no one will notice them on the way to their polling booths.

Perhaps they are right. In a country where the party leaders themselves get to read their Manifestos days after they are released, the average voter who can barely read his ration card has no way of knowing what his Manifesto really means.

For BJP, just keeping their agenda written but hidden from its voters will give them the blank cheque they need to draw what they want when the bank opens with their account.
Monday, April 07, 2014
Posted by Sreedhar Pillai

Why Does John Kerry Let the Devyani Imbroglio to Explode in to His Benghazi?

With the recent Chinese belligerence over air and naval supremacy, the US secretary of state John Kerry has a lot of tofu on his platter. Then, it is really baffling why the US state department is letting a bizarre brawl between an Indian diplomat, her Indian maid and an Indian Attorney of a new York district turn in to a Benghazi like crisis.

The looming diplomatic crisis is not between any two countries. It is between, as many Americans claim, the oldest and the biggest democratic nations in the world. For any other country, the diplomatic mission to the USA is the most important, whether some countries admit or not. For the USA, the diplomatic mission from India, the biggest democracy, is bound to be vital for the whole idea of the democratic system.

Then why humiliate the acting head of the Indian mission to the USA, who happens to be a lady, for a six months old dispute with her Indian maid, by public arrest and, reportedly, with cavity search under police custody? Surely, there were better ways to deal with the issue, which has actually sent out a message of utter humiliation to a country of 1.3 billion people. Devyani Khobragade, a medical doctor turned diplomat and acting head of the Indian mission, had this to say about the incident although disputed by US authorities.

While I was going through it, although I must admit that I broke down many times as the indignities of repeated handcuffing, stripping and cavity searches, swabbing, hold up with common criminals and drug addicts were all being imposed upon me despite my incessant assertions of immunity, I got the strength to regain composure and remain dignified thinking that I must represent all of my colleagues and my country with confidence and pride.

The predictable reaction from the Indian government has not just opened up an immense sore in the forty years old amity the USA has been trying to build up with a country with a huge population next door to China but has exposed the US mission in Delhi and other Indian cities to Benghazi like vulnerability, in country where terrorist were easily able to strike at the parliament and other famous targets. The treatment of Devyani by the US government has also lead to unprecedented public anger and outrage in India, in the Indian media and social networks which seems to beescalating with the lukewarm reaction from the US government to solve the issue.

Make no mistake, it is not an election issue.

Despite the general impression that the Indian outrage is to do with the impending election, and both the ruling UPA and the main opposition BJP have political stake in taking a tough stance against the US on account of national pride, the issue is more fundamental and hurting the Indian psyche.
In reality not many people in India are familiar with "cavity search" or understand what it involves. That is until Devyani has let the nation know .
In a country not familiar with people hiding drugs and weapons in body cavities where no police procedure exists for searching of such niches, even strip searching of a woman have connotation to the barbaric denuding of mythological characters, the whole things have only one meaning. Barbaric and utterly humiliating.

Don't Kill the messenger

That, such treatment was meted out to a country in which a large majority look at American capitalism and hegemony with suspicion despite an educated section believe in building bridges and cooperation with the US, hasn't gone well at all, no matter any amount of rationalising and justification.
USA being a nation living on Nike shoes to a million other things made with cheap labour from China and sweat shops from Bangladesh and India, and out sourcing work to India at quarter of the rates, the argument about the wages to an Indian made appear nothing but a farce.

The US has touched the Indian Caste Nerve.

To make things worse for John Kerry and the US, Devyani Khobragade happens to belong to a schedule caste, a factor with extremely sensitive socio political implications in India and something which its most outspoken leader, Mayavathi, has already taken on herself to fight for.
The US State department may be adept at dealing with diplomatic crisis, but certainly not equipped for Indian caste system which many astute Indian leaders find hard to tackle.

Born an Indian, always an Indian.

The US Attorney General, Preet Bharara may have political ambitions and a need to prove himself by following Giuliani and Christie by acting tough. But for 1.3 billion Indians, he is just another one of them, no matter what he does in New York, the villain of the piece and someone who is out to harm India.

The timing couldn't be worse.

Unfortunately the whole episode of humiliation of one of their folk in a friendly foreign country has coincided with the painful anniversary of the mass rape and murder of a girl, which has shaken the conscience of the country and many abroad.

John Kerry and the State Department undoubtedly has a crisis of unprecedented gravity at their hands which seems to be escalating by the day. An effort to assess correctly and not underestimate the Indian sensitivities is the need of the day.

How Blogging By Experts Can Help Comparison Web Sites Get Personal and Gain Customer's Trust and Google's Love.

With the evolution of the web, if you have a presence and a website on the internet for any reason, you are going to be compared with someone else. Even a mere search for something on Google in fact shows up a comparative statement, based on some criteria for relevance set by Google!

Even if you don't own a web site, comparison sites have become an indispensable part of 21st century life whether you are aware or not. From booking an air ticket to finding your life partner on matrimonial sites, the web just don't offer unprecedented choice for everything you need in life but leave you little option to do without some form of comparison. That is unless you live by your emotions and go after your needs for a spouse to your pet merely by your impulse.

However all comparison sites are not equal on the web. While many are free and unregulated in what they offer as comparison, of products or services, often from different countries, sites offering comparison of financial products like loans and credit cards strictly regulated by local governing authorities.

They are also limited by the size of the country or population covered by the service providers under comparison and can't resort to high technology like monitoring internet chatter. They are indeed limited in using innovative technologies, with data collection, filtering, analysis, curation and interaction capabilities, to learn what people are thinking right now about a product to refine the comparison process.

In fact, remaining under the regulatory scrutiny they are subjected to, there is very little a price comparison site can do to differentiate itself and increase its presence and popularity except one thing, increasing customer trust. There are many savy sites which are effectively using simplest of technologies, blogging, to achieve this.

" Trust is becoming a more important issue than in the past and price comparison sites as a group must work on building greater trust from users through transparent practices and support once users go off-site"

A study released in 2009, way back when price comparison sites were just catching up as a palpable benefit of the internet, had already concluded that: is one such site which is effectively using everything in the rule book to achieve this. In fact the site is a good example of implementing everything the experts recommend to increase trust of a website. 

The site has great usability with recommended features like Showcase your team, showcase your community, great site design, media coverage, client logos, customer engaging offers, social media endorsement counters, testimonials, customer reviews, influencers et al.

However the one predominant and the most trustworthy feature of is its blog, which may not be unique but certainly account for building the trust in a great way due to the fact that its bloggers are all industry experts and their posts amount to free professional advice most useful to the visitors and clients.

For example their blog Money Wise contain posts on " What Share Buy Back Mean For Investors" and " Bank Of Canada Removes Future Rate Forecast From Announcement", really esoteric topics useful for anyone dealing with real money like the visitors and customers.

The authenticity of the blog is further fortified by a who is who list of the expert bloggers with their pictures so you know they are real and a category list of posts so you can search for something you want to know about.

Of all the features of this price comparison website, this blog which dishes out valuable and helpful financial information to those who really need it free of cost is certainly the one to gain the trust of its visitors and make them loyal.

However, the best benefit of all comes from the recent changes in Google's algorithms and policies promoting websites with unique content really useful and relevant for its visitors. The blog feature of definitely goes a long way in attracting the favourable attention of Google's Penguin and Panda crawling the web for relevancy of content to be ranked higher and higher.

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