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    The politics of wrangling and bickering in the US and Europe is frustrating. The consolation is that the politicians don’t have a clue how to tackle the sinking economy and it is difficult to judge who is right. However the politics of obstruction which has led to contraction of growth in India, which till a year back maintained an impressive  rate, despite the banking crisis of 2008, is mind boggling.

    “The industrial production saw a staggering decline in October, with a negative growth of 5.1 percent in output mainly owing to huge fall in manufacturing and mining sectors.”

    The obstructive politics of India:

    The blatantly opportunistic destruction of the Indian democratic process by the opposition, a section of the ruling coalition and the new anti corruption gang of Anna Hazare of India is not only rocking the boat but breaking rafts away from its keel.

    India’s fortunes, which were raised sky high a year ago with the visit of President Obama, had ever been tumbling down in a domino of accusations of corruption
    and obstruction of  the Indian parliament leading to paralysis of the government.

    The blatant opportunistic obfuscation, with an aim to confuse the nation and discredit the government, of government policy to make cell phones accessible to the masses, with petty corruption and nepotism of a coalition partner and obstruction of the parliament has resulted in policy paralysis.  Since several months, the government is unable to decide and act upon a host of pressing issues. India’s growth has suffered with problems related to resources like coal, power, land and inflation, all of which has seen the exodus of foreign capital and loss of investor confidence. The anti corruption move by Anna Hazare, hyped by media has only added to the governments problem already exacerbated by the European credit crisis and rupee devaluation.

    All Anna Hazare is doing is spreading is fear:

    Recent events in India has amply demonstrated the adequacy, if not perfection, of the Indian Judicial system where the apex court can send Influential politicians and central government ministers, chief ministers of states, corporate heads and anyone merely accused of corruption to jail.  These events show that all required provisions to tackle corruption do exist in the Indian judicial system, which if left without interference from political power base and not subjected to corruption within can clean up the administration and society, without the need for a super cop like the Lokpal.

    Why then Anna Hazare and his gang of anti corruption vigilantes, whose bona fides have been seriously compromised by their own corrupt or less than honourable  practices, insist on obstructing the Government from implementing actions which can ensure growth of the economy and progress of India?
    The movement, if anything is only adding to the fear psychosis, which has set in the corporate leadership in private and government sector, of arrest and indiscriminate detention in jail, for mere accusation of corruption by anyone, even in policy decisions taken in a group and having to wait for a slow and inefficient judiciary to dispense justice.
    No one is looking to spend his prime career, after a hard education and struggle to achieve, in the Tihar Jail of New Delhi for taking decisions and acting on them.
    Anna Hazare’s Lokpal will ensure that no Indian in his right mind will even move his pen on a piece of paper which can land him in Jail.

    Good opportunity for the US and EU companies looking for outsourcing business in India!

    Article published first on Technorati.com as http://technorati.com/politics/article/why-is-anna-hazare-fasting-while/

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